Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A new way to search & browse the OpenSolaris Mail Lists

You can now search and browse through over a quarter million messages posted to the OpenSolaris Mail-lists using a free service called 'MarkMail'.

Head over to http://opensolaris.markmail.org/ and take a look.

I stumbled across the MarkMail web site last week,via Google. It seems to have been running for about 12 months, and in that time they have loaded the mail archives of thousands of open-source projects into their system.

But until last week, they did not include anything on OpenSolaris. A shocking omission! So I left feedback, and I was quickly contacted by MarkMail's Jason Hunter. Jason wasted no time in subscribing their system to most of the OpenSolaris lists, and then within a few days they had loaded the 'MailMan' archive files. (If you would like to see further lists added then leave feedback on the MarkMail site via their form.)

By going to this link http://opensolaris.markmail.org/search/?q= you can see the latest emails that have been added into the system. I find this a useful way of just getting some idea of the vast amount of activity being generated around the OpenSolaris communities and projects. If your browser has 'flash' enabled, you will also see a graph of email activity per month, which shows the story of tremendous growth in interest around OpenSolaris. You will also see some fascinating statistics which tell you which are the most popular mail lists and which individuals have made the most posts.