Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Vista 3-D Flip

We installed Vista for the first time today. Of course the 'killer' feature we all wanted to see was the 'Windows Flip 3D', where it stacks the windows side-on & allows you to scroll through them. But how do you activate it?

After much searching, our resident Vista evangelist 'Chris (BrightNorth) Martin' came up with the answer. Press and hold the Control Key, the Windows Key and the Tab Key. Or for a slightly different alternative, press and hold the Windows Key and the Tab Key.

Chris provided this link which is the official explanation of how to do it from Microsoft.

Even latter, we found there was a button on the 'quick launch' bar, called "Switch between Windows". Just click that and it flips the windows into the 3D stack. How did we miss that button??

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

First post

Ok, this is something I've been going to do for quite some time - well over a year. I was going to use Wordpress, but I just cannot find the free time to finish getting it going. And I have a load of information waiting to be posted to a blog, so I've (finally) decided to get something up and running quickly with "". It looks like I've picked a good time to do this (hopefully), as they have a new Beta version that I'm going to try out. Seems ok so far so lets click the "publish" buttons and take a look...